Aviation fuel sample jars

GATS JAR FUEL SAMPLER The incredible new GATS Jar allows a pilot to pour the fuel used in the preflight check back into the fuel tank without fear of water contamination. Glass Sample Bottles: 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Ltr 1000 ml heavy duty HDPE fuel oil bottles in kits of 60 complete with seals and IATA approved mailing cartons. 5 litre capacity. In addition it is normal practice to c) A fuel sample can be taken immediately after taking a white bucket sample described above by dipping the jar into bucket. 775 to 0. A representative sample of bunker fuel oil during the transaction between seller and buyer has always been an area of potential dispute.

d) Place jar with the fuel sample in it on a level surface for a minute to allow any air bubble to rise to the surface. In addition, the jar can also be used for fuel retention sample storage. . Tin Sample Containers: 500 ml & 1 Ltr. 1000 ml heavy duty HDPE fuel oil sample bottles in bulk with caps and security seals (bottle can be fit with 4 seals).

Safety : sample inspection can present several safety risks, all of which are protected for with the use of the Titan Aviation Sample Jar. Since the sample is taken in a closed jar, this eliminates the risk of fuel handling. D4306-15 Standard Practice for Aviation Fuel Sample Containers for Tests Affected by Trace Contamination free water~ sampling containers~ particulate content~ For this reason Fuel Test has chosen a range of sample containers (types and sizes) that best suit the needs of the test user. The jar has a screw on leak proof plastic cap and permit the fuel ‘clear and bright’ examination and cleanliness check to be carried out. We offer a clear glass jar for aviation fuel sampling and it has a 3.

FUEL RETENTION SAMPLE CONTAINERS Introduction. Can be branded for marine fuel analysis programmes. A Bunker supplier that can offer a guarantee of quality retains a competitive advantage and the consuming party receives confidence in engine performance and compliance with that fuel. 825, THERMOMETER ASTM 12c/IP64c, -20 to +102c, nylon syringe, Shell Water Detector capsules and complete with instructions for use. The range includes sample containers for the gathering, testing and storage of samples from diesel, biodiesel and aviation fuel tanks.

e) Visually inspect and observe the fuel sample to determine presence of free Jet A-1 Field Testing Kit. Full Portable Complete Quick Jet A1 Testing Kit (Suspended Water) complete with Aluminium carry case, 500ml Glass sample jar, 500ml Tin Storage can, PVC gloves, hydromenter jar, hydrometer 0. The operator never comes into contact with the fuel and spills are not possible. Oil company and national regulations require that aviation fuel samples are retained for a specified period of time, so that in the event of fuel quality being questioned a representative fuel sample can be subjected to a full laboratory analysis. FUEL SAMPLING EQUIPMENT Glass Sampling Jars.

aviation fuel sample jars

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